Types of Hypoallergenic Sporting Dogs

Although many breeds are no longer used for sport or hunting, these dogs have become popular favorites among those who need a hypoallergenic dog that has an easy temperament.Although it is still playful and easy, these dogs are now treated more like friends than as sports partners.The poodle is a friendly dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat does not make much noise. They are very active and like to exercise. People considering buying a poodle should do some extra research to see if this is the dog they really want. Although the poodle can live for many years, it can suffer from health problems as it ages.

The Australian Terrier was once used to catch mice and rats, but today it is kept indoors for its pleasant nature and long coat that does not shed. If you wish, you can choose to cut the fur closest to the body.For those looking for a smaller dog, the Australian Terrier is a good choice. These dogs are considered companion dogs, which means they enjoy the company of people.

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a relative of the Australian Terrier, but is much larger and has a more pronounced head and chest. Their head is almost square. Their cost is soft and curly. It does not shed and requires frequent grooming to avoid clouding.While dogs are actually gray or black, a blue shine can be found on their cloak.