Are hotels in Dubai costlier than Holiday Homes?

Luxury hotels and lodges in Dubai charge exorbitant amount from customers for a short stay. You should vacate from your hotel room after staying for a week or more. On the contrary, the reputed monthly rent apartments in dubai charge nominally from their customers. You can stay for a month in luxury holiday homes in dubai for rent and visit plenty of tourist places in Dubai.

Leading service apartments in Dubai follow best business standards and codes of conduct. You can stay happily with your family members for a month in service apartments and lead a stress-free life. You should select a holiday home which is near to tourist attractions like Bruj Khalifa.

You can book your holiday home rooms through online channels and visit Dubai on the scheduled date. Service apartments in Dubai arrange free airport pickup and drop services for international tourists. They also provide complimentary offers, special deals and discounts. You can enjoy some of the best comforts in premium service apartments.

You can hire maids temporarily for washing, cleaning and upkeep and maintenance. Everything will be served at your doorstep. You can drive boredom by watching TV channels, playing home theatre audio system and video games.  You can swim in the swimming pool and relax. Children can play in the park and spend their time happily.